“I started lessons with Paola about 6 months ago with virtual lessons. It was during covid lockdown so it was extremely convenient and also reassuring. I think I would have been nervous starting classes in person with zero experience. She’s very encouraging and was able to give me goals and practice for homework. She noticed when I would improve and made me really see those milestones and take pride in them. For example, differences in shifted my weight felt less and less like I had to think about it and my body was starting to do the moves on its own with muscle memory.

With vaccinations and the start of in person classes, she guided me through basics of working with a bar and a mirror, going from flats and then to working with heels. My first experience with partner dancing was this past week and I was amazed at what I was able to apply from my training. I’ve grown so quickly in skills and confidence and it has everything to do with my teacher. My favorite thing about Paola Aguillon is her passion to the ethics behind tango dancing which can be lost creating an unhealthy environment for dancers. She has a strong commitment to creating a safe space that doesn’t put anyone down and she doesn’t compromise on protecting her students and event dancers, with a code of ethics and policies.

You can find more about her best practices from her website. If you’re an absolute beginner like myself or a more experienced dancer, I highly recommend reaching out to her and taking a course. It’s so much fun.” –Erin Kelly

“Working with Paola was really great. She is a patient tango teacher and hard worker at everything she does. Communicating with Paola was clear and professional. Would gladly recommend working with Paola on any of her many talents and passions.” –Gabe Hodge

“Paola is an excellent dance instructor as she is very skillful and patient in teaching at all levels. I really appreciate how she listens carefully and takes her time to explain and demonstrate the movements in details, which is extremely helpful for a beginner like myself. I highly recommend her! “- A.L.

“I had my first Argentine tango lesson today with this graceful woman, Paola Aguillon. Erik and I met her for a private lesson, and we left feeling like we could really learn this deeply connective dance, under her instruction. Today was mostly basics, but Paola is such a strong teacher that I already have a really good understanding of the true heart of tango. We’re hoping to dedicate some time in the new year to take private lessons from this talented and passionate woman who can teach both the “initiator” and the “allower” roles. Stoked to add more beauty to my life through dance! –Michelle H.

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